Type, Web Design - 2017

Unknown Type


Type is ubiquitous to society—it is the purest form of design communication. With new technologies constantly emerging, there are more ways to make type than ever before. Following 700+ Instagram accounts with the majority based in type work, I found there was a lack of lettering that took advantage of today's constant expansion of technology.


Unknown Type is a project that shares the exploration of various unconventional tools/methods for lettering. The website allows visitors to navigate 100+ letters categorized into 5 alphabets: Brushes, Blender, Processing, Sculptris, and 36 Days Of Type.

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To prepare, the fundamentals and history of type were researched through a number of resources. Books referenced include: Megg’s History of Graphic Design, Thinking with Type, Radical Type Design, and Lettering: A Reference Manual of Techniques.


The website showcases each of the alphabets. Navigation of the website was created with a simple concept: the drop-down menu changes the tools/methods, while the horizontal navigation changes the letter. Using this method, visitors can easily view a single letter in each of the different tools/methods or move through each of the letters in a set.

Three.js was used to allow visitors to rotate any 3D modeled letters, as 2 of the tools/methods were created with 3D software (Blender & Processing).