UI/UX - 2017



Ontario high school students require a minimum of 40 community service hours to graduate. Many pain-points complicate the process, such as tracking hours through paper signatures and finding volunteer roles approved by the school. This discourages students from searching for opportunities they care about, shifting focus towards hours which require the least effort.


Volunteer is a digital solution that streamlines this process, for everyone, including students, teachers, and organizations. The app for students, allows them to focus on the quality of their experience and build relationships with local organizations that matter to them. While this project highlights the student app, it is just one part of the idea. With a website for schools to keep track of student hours and approve volunteer roles, and for organizations to post roles and give feedback to students, the benefits of Volunteer are endless.

View the InVision prototype


I began by analyzing three volunteering apps, critiquing visual design, navigation, and interaction. A design brief was created outlining the project’s problem, objective and goals, solution, and value. Next, a site map was created based on user flows from 2 personas. After the initial stages of research and planning were finished, I started developing lo-fi sketches into hi-fi wireframes. An InVision prototype was created and user-tested, providing valuable feedback for iterative design.


Special thank to members of the Facebook design team for helping us bring our ideas to life.